News 07 Nov 2023
Introduction of "Scholarship for Women Engineers" Project for students at ASOIU

On November 7, Coca-Cola CCI Azerbaijan presented the 'Scholarship for Women Engineers' at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU).

During the presentation ceremony, Ayla Guliyeva, the Human Resources supervisor at Coca-Cola CCI Azerbaijan, provided the students with information about the company, outlining the scholarship program specifically tailored for women engineers. Detailed information regarding the application process, candidate requirements, and admission procedures was presented to the students.

Gunel Babashova, a Production Engineer at Coca-Cola CCI Azerbaijan, explained the company's manufacturing processes and internal regulations.

The students' questions were addressed at the end of the session. It's important to note that the project aims to increase the number of female engineers in manufacturing, ensure the employment of women in specialized technical fields, and support career development for women.