News 17 Nov 2023
Chairman of NAP Nasimi district organization meets with active youth of ASOIU

On November 17, Azar Suleymanov, the chairman of the Nizami district organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, met with the active youth members of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU). The meeting was attended by ASOIU's Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Associate Professor Ata Babayev, and chair of the ASOIU area branch, Salman Salmanov and students.

In the sincere conversation during the meeting, Azar Suleymanov, the chairman of the NAP Nasimi District Organization, stated that the NAP is not only the party of Azerbaijan's present, future, and successful development but also the party of the youth. Discussing the necessity of NAP's establishment and its unique services in the development of our country, A. Suleymanov also talked about the conditions created for the development of youth in the country. He emphasized the constant attention and care given to the youth in Azerbaijan, highlighting the reforms at the state level for their development into strong, competent, and qualified citizens.

The youth expressed their gratitude for the attention shown to them and assured that, as proud citizens of the victorious country, they would actively participate in the life of society and contribute to the development of the state.