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Social Sciences

The foundation of today's ADNSU was founded in January 1921. Since that time various subjects taught in different social disciplines were taught "Philosophy", "History", "Logic", "Ethics", "Aesthetics", "Cultural Studies", "Scientific Atheism", "Politology" and other subjects. .

The chair of “Public disciplines”, which operates at the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, was established in 2005 on the basis of “History of Azerbaijan”, “Politology” and “Philosophy” departments.

The department has undergraduate and correspondence departments in the Azerbaijani and Russian languages: "History of Azerbaijan", "Philosophy", "The Constitution and the Basis of Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan", "Introduction to Multiculturalism", "Psychology", "Philosophical Problems of Science and Technology". The courses "Introduction to Multiculturalism", "Philosophical Aspects of Society and Ecology", as well as "Philosophy" at the doctoral level are taught. Since the 2016/2017 academic year, subjects such as "History of Azerbaijan", "Philosophy" and "Introduction to Multiculturalism" have also been taught in English-speaking groups.

The teaching staff of the department consists of 16 people, including 2 professors, 7 associate professors, 4 senior teachers and 3 teachers. The teaching staff consists of 3 people.

Employees of the department are also engaged in scientific activities. Over the past 1 year, the department staff published 3 textbooks, 2 programs, 8 textbooks, 7 of 43 scientific articles abroad. Four of them are working on their candidate dissertation.

Since 2016, the Department of "Social Sciences" is headed by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mustafayev Jamal Mehdi oglu. Professor CM Mustafayev was born in 1952. He received his PhD in History in 1983, Doctor of Historical Sciences in 2007, and Professor in 2013. Author of 4 monographs, 70 scientific and scientific-methodical works. Professor JM Mustafayev is also a member of the Specialized Dissertation Council of the Institute of History named after A.Bakikhanov of ANAS.

Brief information about the staff of the department:

- Nuriyeva Irada Tofik gizi - Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor. He is the author of 2 monographs, 3 books, 2 textbooks, 13 teaching aids (1 program), scientific articles, including 18 articles abroad, 6 of them at international conferences.

- Mammadova Kamina Nariman kizi - PhD, Associate Professor. He is the author of 30 scientific articles and methodological manuals.

- Guliyeva Zenfira Kazanfar - candidate of historical sciences, associate professor. Author of 2 books, 1 textbook, 61 scientific articles and thesis, 13 methodical manuals.

- Jafarov Azad Jafar oglu - candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor. He is the author of 13 scientific articles, 1 textbook and 7 teaching aids.

- Nail Ibayat Mammadov - PhD in Law. He is the author of 26 articles and 1 methodical manual.

- Aliyev Faig Hasan oglu - Candidate of Philosophical Sciences.

- Jafiyev Tahir Rashid oglu - Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor of History.

- Yusifova Sevda Farrukh gizi - senior teacher He is the author of 27 articles and 2 methodical manuals.

- Aliyev Ilgar Firidun's son - senior teacher He is the author of 19 articles and 1 methodical manual.

- Nagiyeva Svetlana Seyfaddin - head teacher. He is the author of 25 scientific articles and thesis, 12 methodical manuals.

- Kasymova Narmina Vagif - head teacher. He is the author of 1 book, 65 scientific articles and 1 methodical manual.

- Aghayeva Aziza Firudin's daughter - teacher. He is the author of 24 articles.

- Musayev Telman Farman oglu - teacher. Author of 10 scientific articles and abstracts.

- Huseynova Sevinj Ali gizi - teacher. He is the author of 2 articles.

Employees of the department annually improve their scientific and pedagogical knowledge and experience by conducting advanced training courses.

Employees of the department carry out methodological researches of practical importance on various subjects related to mastering of disciplines, based on these researches, prepare articles and reports for participation in scientific-practical conferences.

The theme of the new research work of the department for 2016-2020 is "Independent Republic of Azerbaijan - on the way to political, socio-economic, legal, democratic and cultural development". The purpose of scientific research is to look at the difficult but honorable historical path passed by the independent Republic of Azerbaijan since 1991 to the beginning of the 21st century, and to analyze the historical processes from the political, economic, social and cultural prisms of today. to provide scientific explanation of development in all directions, explain the special role of national leader Heydar Aliyev and his worthy successor, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in the context of modern history, social, philosophical and spiritual development, and summarize the results. Achievement of a collective publication, the use of the results of the University faculty and student staff, as well as the presentation to the scientific community of the Republic. Three chapters are planned to be published and submitted to the Department of Science and Inventory of ADNSU for the planned academic year 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. All the staff of the department participated in the preparation of the research work.

The Department of Social Sciences consists of 7 associate professors, 4 senior teachers and 3 teachers, including 19 professors, including 2 professors and 2 doctors of sciences. The department also has 7 substitute teachers. Teaching Auxiliary staff consists of 3 people.