Student Trade Union Committee

About STUC

The Presidium of the Student Trade Union Committee (STUC) of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) consists of 17 members, including the Chairman and 7 faculty chairs. Each student of the university is a member of STUC.

The Student Trade Union Committee is the only organization that upholds the rights of students. STUC carries out the following activities: contributes to students' development by involving them in social activities; provides the students with accommodation in dormitories; keeps an eye on the students' discipline inside of the university; helps the students to spend their leisure time productively; organizes summer camps; rewards STUC members who take active participation in the social and scientific life of the university.

The Student Trade Union Committee of ASOIU includes a sports club that unites 12 types of sports (football, volleyball, handball, basketball, judo, freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, table tennis, chess, checkers, etc.) The members of the sports club have always been distinguished for their achievements.

The Committee also has the song and dance ensemble "Ganjlik", the university's brand with a 51-year-old history, the only "National ensemble" among the amateur teams. The ensemble has participated in several festivals held in European countries (Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey) and Korea, representing the country and the university at the highest level and returning to the motherland with great achievements. In all the domestic competitions, the ensemble either became the winner or took 2nd place in the worst case. In 2016 the song and dance ensemble "Ganjlik" won 1st place among the professionals.

The ASOIU Theatre Club (ATK) operates under the Committee as well. Gifted students regularly take part in the plays and perform them in front of the university audience.

The intellectual club "Magnat" and "ASOIU Debate Club", also functioning under the Student Trade Union Committee, make a significant contribution to the intellectual development of students. The intellectual club "Magnat" consists of teams that take part in tournaments such as "Who? Where? When?", "Brain ring", "Hamsa", and systematically provides the organization of intellectual competitions inside the university. "ASOIU Debate Club" aims to assist the students in forming a smooth and clear speech, develop public speaking skills and justify their opinions. During the weekends, the club holds university championships, participates in national tournaments and receives high results.

The "Club for funny and resourceful people" (KVN) has been operating in the university since 2016. Despite its recent establishment, our team "Azneft" has already become a national champion.


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