Department of Public Relations and Marketing

About us

The Public Relations and Marketing Department, as a structural division of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), is responsible for establishing relations with the mass media to communicate information about the activities of the university's faculties and structural divisions, thus keeping the public informed; creating effective communication channels with the teaching staff and students to acquaint them with the ongoing work at the university and its future plans; organising and regulating marketing activities aimed at attracting potential students and securing funds for educational projects by promoting the innovations achieved at ASOIU.


1. Sector of Mass and Social Media Engagement

2. Internship Division

The sector of Mass and Social Media Engagement

This sector ensures the establishment of agile communication channels with the press and contemporary media, facilitating the more efficient organisation of communication between the university and mass media and modernising information exchange. It undertakes the preparation of press releases about events, meetings, and conferences held at the university, organises photo and video shoots, and prepares materials for a broader audience (readership). It ensures the publication of news and information on the university's official website, print media, and various websites and news agencies. Additionally, it handles the dissemination of news, information, and posters on the university's social media accounts (Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and partner Instagram accounts) and conducts monitoring in this direction.

Internship Division

This sector organises internships for all fields and specialisations in accordance with the curriculum, schedules of the training process, and internship programs (covering various types, such as compulsory, annual, summer, scholarship, and international internships). The sector also analyses the existing foundations of internships, enhances the efficiency of the process, identifies new internship locations, and conducts monitoring. Moreover, it coordinates complex and individual contracts with organisations and institutions (enterprises, agencies), acting as internship bases for university students.

Contact us:

Director: Bahruz Nazarov

E-mail: asoiu.pr@asoiu.edu.az

Address: Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azadlig Avenue 20, Baku, AZ1010