Sustainability Awareness

Due to the active participation and the strong relation of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University and its surrounding communities, the institution seeks to raise staff, student, and employee awareness and knowledge of issues pertaining to sustainable development. Through the hosting of training sessions, webinars, conferences, and seminars by experts and stakeholders from various fields, the university community will be better equipped to handle a wide range of environmental and social issues and will be able to raise awareness of these wicked problems among those in their immediate vicinity.

"Fight against Leukaemia"

Event description: Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University held a meeting with students jointly organised by the "Fight against Leukaemia" Public Union and the University. Video plots were presented at the meeting, attended by volunteers of the "Fight against Leukaemia" PU and ASOIU students. Then the volunteers of the Union - Dilshad Azizli, Jeyhun Asgarov, Ilham Mammadzade and Fidan Imamguliyeva - shared their impressions of the meeting with people suffering from leukaemia. Young people talked about why they are "volunteers" and noted that each support is an excellent motivation for such people, children and their parents.

ASOIU holds the “Say no to drug addiction” event

Event description: During the event it was emphasized the harm caused by illegal drug trafficking to society and people's health. Speaking about the importance of anti-drug measures, Mugamat Aliyev, Chairman of the Public Association "Young Patriots", said that drug addiction is widespread in our country, and many young people suffer from it and related diseases. He added that the primary purpose of such events is to fight bad habits and educate young people.

Awareness campaign on Civil Defense

Event description: The event emphasized the value of civil defense in Azerbaijan, and emphasized how it protects people's lives and maintains security. The purpose of observing this day annually is to draw public attention to the importance and vitality of civil defense and to appropriately acknowledge the work and sacrifices made by civil defense personnel. Civil defense organizations play a crucial role in protecting the population and ensuring their readiness for emergencies.

ASOIU hosts "Protect Your Heart" awareness campaign by SRIC

Event description: Within the scope of the "Protect Your Heart" project at the event, videos on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits were showcased for students to combat cardiovascular diseases. Informative booklets were distributed, and leading experts gave lectures on "Taking a Step Towards a Healthy Gene Pool". It's worth noting that within the campaign, participants were invited for preliminary check-ups (height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse measurement) and were provided with information about the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

ASOIU team joins the Protect the Caspian campaign

Event description: As part of “International Coastal Cleanup Day” and “Caspian Week”, and under the leadership of Acting Rector Associate Professor Vazeh Asgarov, a significant area of nearly 2 hectares along the Caspian shore was cleared of household and other types of waste. During the ecological campaign, participants were reminded of everyone's responsibility in protecting the environment, including the preservation of the Caspian Sea and nature, with the slogan “Let's protect the Caspian, let's protect nature.”

Seminar on "Green Hydrogen: The Future's Primary Energy Source" held at UFAZ

Event description: On August 30, at UFAZ (Azerbaijani-French University), a seminar titled "Green Hydrogen: The Future's Primary Energy Source" was held with the joint organization of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University and the Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency, featuring a presentation by Professor Yashar Musayev, the Head of the New Energy Business Division at Siemens Energy. Yashar Musayev began the seminar by introducing Siemens Energy, providing information about the company's activities in green energy, its ongoing projects, and laboratory facilities in Germany. He then proceeded to discuss the recent developments in the field of green energy in Azerbaijan over the past years.

ASOIU holds meeting within "Human Rights Month"

Event description: During the meeting, Associate Professor Ata Babayev, the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs at ASOIU, emphasised that protecting human rights in Azerbaijan is an essential priority for the state. He highlighted the significance of educating the younger generation in this domain at the university. Farrukh Huseynov, the Chief Lawyer at ASOIU, delivering a speech, underscored that the state's highest objective is to ensure the rights and freedoms of all individuals in Azerbaijan. Elaborating on the legal education provided to various population segments, emphasising the development of their legal mindset and culture, he emphasised the importance of individuals being aware of their rights.