Rector’s welcome

Assoc. Prof. Vazeh Asgarov

Acting Rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

    Dear Friends!

    The thought of “where to pursue higher education” is an exciting choice for every aspiring university applicant. In recent years, the number of students who made the first significant choice in their lives by prioritizing Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University more than doubled. This is facilitated by modern education standards, an experienced team of professors and teachers, and ample opportunities for self-expression among students. Our university's rich and captivating history has been shaped by many talented, determined, and extraordinary individuals who hold their alma mater in high esteem and have gained global recognition.

    Reflecting on the years I spent in education myself, I truly envy you in the best sense of the word. ASOIU is a higher education institution that provides education tailored to the demands of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan, our primary asset, which is experiencing increasing human capital, economic, and geopolitical strength day by day, fully ensuring its territorial integrity and sovereignty, and wielding considerable influence internationally. The successful transformation of ASOIU into a scientific research university has not only benefited the Republic of Azerbaijan but has also produced highly qualified specialists and scholars for numerous countries around the world. It is heartening that the younger generation, following the rich legacy left to us by our predecessors, continues the traditions of more than 100 years with care and enthusiasm, advancing with new scientific innovations and discoveries.

    Today, we are developing our university in accordance with the demands of the modern era and the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ASOIU's successes in the fields of science and education are recognized by influential international ranking agencies such as QS Rankings and THE. Based on employment outcomes for graduates, ASOIU maintains a leading position worldwide and an undeniable leadership position in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    I am confident that through the knowledge you gain at the university and your purposeful activities, you will certainly achieve success and contribute to the development of our homeland. Just be sure not to settle for what you have achieved; always strive towards your goals and dreams, setting high targets for yourself. I extend my warmest wishes and best of luck to each and every one of you.