Sustainability Research

Cleaning Oil Spills and Oil Contaminated areas with Dispersant Reagents

This method of cleaning Oil spills responds directly to UN SDGs and addresses immediate scientific environmental research and global environmental impact needs. Among many of its sustainability targeted actions ASOIU actively promotes cleaning methods with Dispersant Reagents both onshore and offshore which is in full compliance with ASOIU's committments drawn in its Sustainability Plan.


No Thesis Type Published in Size Authors
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F 2023 0031

Wind turbine

I 2022 0006

Method of obtaining complex fertilizers based on natural mineral resources and production wastes

İ 2004 0176

Emulsion composition for protective coatings

İ 2004 0177

Emulsion composition for protective coatings against corrosion

İ 2004 0178

Water emulsion composition for protective coatings made from polymer blend

I 2013 0034

The method of applying bird droppings to fertilizer and biogas

I 2003 0137

The fertilizer based on superphosphate

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The method of purifying dirty water from suspended particles

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The method of purifying dirty water from silicon fluoride solution