Sustainability Education

The Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University has incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) into its educational programs, marking a commitment to what is commonly known as "Sustainability Education." This initiative aims to bridge the gap between education and the imperatives of sustainable development, a challenge often overlooked by the younger generation. In response, there's a pressing demand in higher education to develop a sustainability curriculum that is not only comprehensive but also applicable to real-life scenarios across all academic disciplines.

Incorporating sustainability into the existing curricula of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University across various subjects can serve to demonstrate the relevance and practicality of sustainability concepts in different fields of study. For instance, integrating sustainability into disciplines like food engineering or ecology engineering can educate students about the environmental impacts of human activities and inspire them to devise eco-friendly solutions. Similarly, including sustainability in areas such as Renewable Energy or Energy Engineering can help students grasp the societal and economic consequences of unsustainable practices, nurturing the critical thinking skills needed to tackle complex global issues like climate change, environmental sustainability, and ecosystem preservation.