Project Management Office

About us

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides directive and supportive services for the effective delivery of projects, programmes, and portfolios. We also provide project management guidance, tools and templates to assist staff and students with project delivery across the wider University. The Office is a key contact for a range of project-related tools within the University, such as the projects related with governmental organizations, projects with businesses and companies, StartUps and projects of the University staff, and projects from International Cooperations. We host a range of project-related resources such as books, planner cards for agile projects, and workshop equipment.

Our Mission

"The PMO’s mission is to further the understanding of Project Management in coordination and collaboration with its Stakeholders and Customers, promote best project management practices and knowledge that enables the ASOIU to better management and delivery of projects".

Our Vision

The PMO will support ASOIU values as a source of Project Management guidance and expertise. We will keep an adaptable approach to Project Management, recognizing that all projects are different and require flexibility to meet the stakeholder’s needs. Our Project Management methodology is International-based, but we will be recognized as supporting a “best fit” approach for project management at ASOIU as per the business needs to improve the delivery of the projects. The ASOIU PMO to deliver successful methodology, encourage professional development, create the professional tools needed for successful Project Management, provide advisory, coaching and mentoring, standardizing PM processes and promote the need for continuous improvement. In everything we do, the PMO will:

  • Be approachable
  • Promote a culture where collaboration is a core value
  • Be respectful of differing ideas and values
  • Nourish a positive and supportive environment
  • Be passionate about project management
  • Support the Mission and Vision of the ASOIU

Our Goals

  • Build project management maturity at the organizational level.
  • Support ASOIU Staff, and provide them coaching, mentoring, and training as a source of project management expertise in the best way possible
  • Promote best practice standards, quality, and methodologies into a project management discipline and provide simple and easy-to-use processes and methodology for Project Management
  • To continually review the processes and methodology to incorporate feedback from users.
  • Bringing together the stakeholders and idea authors in practice

Contact us:

E-mail: adnsupmo@asoiu.edu.az

Tel.: (+994) 12 598 4531

Address: Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University AZ1010, Baku, Azadlıg avenue 20