Faiq Aliyev


Social Sciences


associate professor

Academic degree

PHD degree in historical sciences



Graduated university: Leningrad State University, faculty of history


Subjects passed:

Philosophy, psychology, history of Azerbaijan, multiculturalism

Titles of teachers' articles, etc.

  1. Россия и Запад - проблемы вамиовосприятия култур Vserossiysk scientific-practical conference (with international participation). Makhachkala September 28, 2017. с. 144-152
  2. Female and male relations in the religious context. Gender problem and modern Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan University. Materials of the 2nd republic scientific conference. September 23, 2018. 146-151
  3. Россия и Запад - problems of cultural interaction Geo-Strategy magazine No. 14 (46) July-August 2018. p. 69-73
  4. Philosophical aspects of society and ecology, ASOSU Baku, 2018, 338 pages
  5. National interest and value factor in national security Geo-Strategy magazine No. 1 (49) January-February 2019. P. 42-46

62 scientific works

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Ngcap8wAAAAJ&hl=ru&authuser=6

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faiq-aliyev-89394b2b9/