Tamilla Naibova


Technology of Organic Substances and High-Molecular Compounds


Department of «Technology of organic substances and high-molecular compounds», associate professor

Academic degree

Doctor of philosophy in chemistry



Graduated university: Institute of oil and Chemistry named M. Azizbeyov (now ASOIU)


Direction of scientific research: Modification of phenol-formaldehyde, epoxy-dian, amine-aldehyde and resorcin-formaldehyde oligomers; Production of anti-corrosion coatings based on modified cooligomers; Preparation of adhesive compositions based on modified cooligomers; Preparation of ion exchangers based on modified cooligomers; Preparation of inhibitors based on modified cooligomers; Use of modified cooligomers as modifiers in rubber industry; The use of modified cooligomers in the recycling of thermoplasts, etc.

Subjects delivered:

Chemical technology of macromolecules, Technology of anticorrosive coatings based on high molecular  compounds, History and methodology of chemical technology, Physico-chemical bases of polymer modification, Laboratory testing of food products..

List of awards and certificates:

I Awards:

The “Taraggi” medal by the decree of the great leader Heydar Aliyev - 14.12.2000.

By the honorary decree of the Trade Union Committee of Education Workers of AR (I was awarded by A.X. Heydarova “on the occasion of teacher's day 05.10.1999).

The honorary diploma by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Misir Mardanov 22.11.2010 №1768).

The honorary diploma by the rector of ASOA (Siyavush Garayev on October 5, 1999).

Honorary diploma and diploma (by Ali Ahmadov, October 26, 2011) by NAP.

Honorary diplomas by the NAP Organization of Nasimi district (by Malahat Ibrahim gizi and Azer Suleymanov).

By the order of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, I was awarded the honorary title ”Honored teacher”-30.12.2020.

The Jubilee Medal by order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Emin Amrullayev-08.05.2021.

II Certificates:

I have successfully participated in 3 modular trainings within the “Winter Academy” for teachers of "SABAH" groups (January 16-18, 2017, ADA University, Dean Vafa Kazdal and head of the Executive Committee Shahin Seyidzade).

Russian Academy Of Natural History İnternational Association Of Scientists, TeachersAnd Specialists.”Frankfurter  Buchmesse 2021 - Special Edition”( Frankfurt am  Main)

I İnternational “Chemistry and Chemical Engineering” Conference betüeen 17 - 21 April 2013 dedicated to the 90” Anniversary of the National Leader of Azerbaijan,Heydar Aliyev. (Rektor, Qafqaz University, prof. Dr. Ahmet Sanic.

İnternational Scientific Journal İSJ Theoretical  & Applied Science Philadelphia,USA issue 09.volume 77 published September 30, 2019.

International Scientific Journal ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science Philadelphia.USA issue 04,volume 96 published April 30, 2021.

Participant of the VIII International Scientific Conference "PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF MODERN SCIENCE", Moscow, June 25, 2016, Director D.I. Gerasimov.

Зrd İnternational Turkic World Conference on Chemical Sciences and Technologies. Held on September 10-13 2017, SAKARYA UNIVERSITY (Prof.Dr.AHMET TUTAR).

J. "Education and Science in Russia from abroad", Moscow, No. 2, Vol 66, 2020 (Editor-in-chief A.V. Kritsky).

Magnus Group Conferences and Organizing Committee wish to thcink . New Mexico State University,USA,28 -29 Oktober,2020 ( Huiyao Wang).

XXVI İnternational Scientific Symposium ŞUŞA: Triumph of Victory. 29 May,2020 ( Professor, Dr. İlkin Gulusoy).

International conference on “Heydar Aliyev and the nature of Azerbaijan”.19-20 June 2023 (vice president of Anas academician Irada Huseynova).

Names of some of the published scientific and educational-methodical works:

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In general, more than 300 scientific-methodical and more than 50 socio - political articles have been published.

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