Chemical Technology


Chemical engineering is a distinct branch of engineering that involves the study, design, production, and manufacture of products using chemical processes. Using principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, mechanics, and economics, chemical engineers design equipment, processes, and systems to convert raw materials into useful products through chemical production. This includes designing and troubleshooting processes for chemicals, fuels, pharmaceuticals, and other products. Chemical engineers work to change the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance to create everything starting from building materials to fuels and polymers. Meanwhile, products and processes are improved for maximum productivity, lower costs, and higher quality. Chemical engineers also design and operate equipment, provide safety assessments, and perform such functions as process design, modeling, analysis, engineering chemical reaction control, working with specifications, and writing operating instructions. Chemical engineers work with nanomaterials in the laboratory and develop large-scale industrial production systems.
The Degree Program in Chemical Engineering takes two years and leads to a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. The Master’s degree requires the completion of 120 ECTS credits. In the general studies, the student acquires scientific skills that are required in the compulsory and elective subject studies. The general studies include research technique, modern issues of chemical engineering and history and methodology of chemical engineering modules. English Composition and Social Science studies include English language modules and social modules. In the obligatory and elective studies, the student acquires scientific skills that are required in the compulsory and elective subject studies and deepens his knowledge within the wide-ranged field of Chemical Engineering. The compulsory studies include a master’s thesis, research training and research and pedagogical training. The elective studies include the modules which students of the Master’s degree program may choose.

Objectives of the degree program

The Chemical Engineering master program objectives are:
- a generating graduates with high levels of competence in fundamental and applied concepts of chemical engineering;
- a providing opportunities to address industrially important problems and to propose and investigate possible solutions;
- a providing an environment in which students can embrace social and personal development;
- motivation the students to seek life-long learning and professional development;
- an enhancing students recognition and understanding of the professional and societal responsibilities associated with working in the industry;
- a developing computational techniques, and written and oral communication skills;
- a cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship through deeper understanding and advanced knowledge of the Chemical Engineering principles and operations.


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