Namad Pashayev




Head of the faculty

Academic degree

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences



The university he graduated from: Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry (current ASOİU)


The name of the international projects and grandees he worked on

1. EİF-KETPL-2015-1(25) He participated in the project "Prediction of the oil-gas content of reservoirs with comprehensive processing and interpretation of seismic exploration and well data" funded by the Science Development Fund.

Scientific research direction: Methods of geophysical research in wells, Complex interpretation of geophysical data, Geophysical control of the development of oil and gas fields

Subjects taught:

Comprehensive interpretation of well geophysical data, Petrophysics, Geophysical research methods of oil and gas wells, Electric and electromagnetic logging, etc 

Titles of teachers' articles, etc.:

  1. Geological assessment of the fracture and sub-fracture formations of the Binagadi field based on well geophysical survey and petrophysical data, Geophysics Innovations in Azerbaijan, scientific and technical journal, Baku, 2017, №1, page. 22-25
  2. Geological assessment of the Binagadi field based on well geophysical survey and petrophysical data of the Kirmeki and Kirmekialti formations, Baku, Azerbaijan Geophysics Innovations, scientific and technical journal 2017,  №1-2 Page. 22-25
  3. Investigation of reservoir properties and productivity of layers in the base of petrophysical relations in the Shikhigaya field, Geophysics Innovations in Azerbaijan, scientific and technical journal, www.amgk.az Baku, 2018, №1, page. 22-25,
  4. Restoration, reconstraction and effective and comprehensive use of water resources in occupied regions, News of Azerbaijan higher technical schools  CİLD 24 page.130-134, 2022 
  5. On the issue of assessing the filtration and capacitance properties and saturation of effusive and carbonate reservoirs based on logging and petrophysics data,Issues of Sustainable Development of Society Number: 3 year: 2022  page.818-824
  6. Modeling of geofluidic pressure in the geophysical methods complex data base, “Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijan Oil strategy: "Advances in oil and gas geology and geotechnologies" international scientific-practical conference 23-26 may 2023
  7. Application of Lutfizadeh's fuzzy logic theory to the study of controversial geological issues, Theoretical Journal of Earth and Human Science 01(20) 2023 page.8-10
  8. Application of new technologies in lwd measuring works in oil and gas wells, XII International Azerbaijan Geophysics Conference 26-28 aprel 2023
  9. Assessment of the deep oil and gas bearing potential onshore in the west of Azerbaijan (Tarsdallar area) Journal of Geology,Geography and Geoecology 32(1), 212-213.
  10. Application of new technologies to LWD measurement works in oil and gas wells, Geophysics innovations in Azerbaijan ISSN 1994-8573 № 3, 2023   

65 including scientific work, 28 articles, 17 theses, 2 teaching aids, 5 methodical aids, etc