Saida Ibragimova


Geology and development of mineral deposits


Deputy Dean of the Faculty,Senior lecturer



Graduated university: Azerbaijan Industrial University


Direction of scientific research:  Geological research methods, Study of natural geological environment, natural - anthropogenic systems, Study of living conditions of ancient organisms

The subjects he passed: 

General geology, Geoecology, Paleontology and historical geology

List of awards and certificates: 

Honorary Decree on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of ASOSU

International scientific-practical conference, II degree diploma (Prague city., Czechia, 23.12.2017)

International scientific-practical conference, certificate (Sofia city, Bulgaria 24.12.2018) 

Titles of teachers' articles, etc.:

  1. Lithological-reservoir and petrochemical characteristics of Meso-Cenozoic sediments of the oil and gas bearing region of the Kurinsky depression. Qazaxstan Mining and Geological JournalNo. 3-4 səh.30-35 December 2023
  2. Геолого-петрофизические характеристики глубокозалегающих залежей нефти и газа на суше и шельфовые месторождения Азербайджана. Азербайджанский Государственный Университет Нефти и Промышленности News of Azerbaijan Higher Technical Schools magazine No. 1 p. 14-20 2022
  3. On the issue of the formation of tectonic reservoirs in the Shahdag-Khizy zone of the Greater Kafaz. Warsaw, Poland International independent scientific journal 2019 No. 4 Page. 3-6
  4. Ecological conditions of the Absheron peninsula. Slovenia 2019 No. 27 pp. 11-15
  5. Hydrogeological aspects of the rational use of groundwater for irrigation of green spaces in Baku, residential areas of Gunashli and new Ahmedli. Bulgaria, Sofia 2018 pp. 356-362
  6. Geothermal features of the formation of traps in the junction zone of the Small Kafkaz with the Kura Vdvina. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. (Prague, Czech Republic) p.516, 2017
  7. On the forecast of changes in the hydrogeological and reclamation state of the Samur-Velvelichai interfluve under the influence of groundwater exploitation. Geological Journal 2017-ci ill. səh.1605-1613

67 including scientific work, 10 articles, 5 theses, 4 textbooks