Oil Mechanical Engineering

About the department

On October 10, 1934, the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (Az. II) started the training of engineering personnel for the "Mechanical Engineering" department within its structure. In 2011, by the decision of the Scientific Council of ASOA, the "Dynamics and Strength of Machines" department was established on the basis of the "Theoretical Mechanics" and "Machine Parts and Lifting Machinery" departments, and Professor R.S.Qurbanov was appointed as the head of the department. As a result of the structural reforms carried out at ASOIU, the activities of the "Dynamics and Strength of Machines" and "Applied Mechanics" departments were halted in February 2016, and the "Mechanics" department was established on their basis.

Professor O.M.Karimov led the department in 2016-2017, followed by Professor A.M.Aliyev from March 2017 until 2022.read more