Geological Exploration

About the department

The Department of "Geophysics" was established at the Faculty of Geological Exploration in 1947/48 academic year. The fact of the establishment of the department is associated with the leading role of geophysical methods in the search and exploration of mineral and oil and gas fields. Nowadays department  consists of 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 4 teachers.

During the activity of the department, 12 doctoral and 54 candidate dissertations were prepared and successfully defended. From the staff of the Department, professors consistently worked as the head of the Department: S.Y.Litvinov (1952-70), I.O.Simelzon (1970-72), H.C.Jafarov (1972-85), R.A.Abdullayev (1985-91), P.Z.Mammadov (1991 - 2016), V.M. Seyidov (2016-present).

Currently, the department trains highly qualified geophysicists at the level of Masters in “G... read more