News 07 Nov 2023
Panel discussion on "Reconstruction in Karabakh" held at ASOIU

On November 6, a panel discussion on "Reconstruction in Karabakh," dedicated to Victory Day on November 8, was organized at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU). The event received support from the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and the Azerbaijan-France Alumni Association, in collaboration with the Azerbaijani Students and Alumni Platform (ASAP), the "Great Return" Youth Organization PU, and ASOIU. The discussion featured speeches from Vazeh Asgarov, Acting Rector of ASOIU and a member of the NAP Board, Parvin Mammadova, Branch Director at the Karabakh Revival Fund, Leyla Sarabi, Director of the Public Relations Department of the Reconstruction, Construction, and Management Service in the Karabakh Economic Region, Nail Shukurov, Chairman of the "Great Return" Youth Organization PU, Latafat Gardashova, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs at ASOIU, and Bahruz Nazarov, Director of the Public Relations and Marketing Department.
It was emphasized that this victory demonstrated our nation's patriotism and heroism to the world. As a continuation of this historic triumph, on September 19, 2023, as a result of the victorious operation carried out by our Armed Forces in less than 24 hours, the illegally stationed Armenian armed forces surrendered on Azerbaijani territory, ensuring the complete sovereignty of our country throughout its entire territory.
During the speeches, information was provided regarding the ongoing reconstruction activities in Karabakh, as well as efforts in the restoration of cultural heritage and historical monuments. The speakers discussed the goals for the upcoming years in the Karabakh Economic Region, the activities for the local population returning to Karabakh as a result of the Great Return, and other related topics. 
Questions from students regarding the topics were also addressed.