News 15 Mar 2024
Novruz festivity celebrated at ASOIU

On March 15, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) hosted a festive event dedicated to the Novruz holiday.

During the celebration, students from various faculties showcased Novruz displays and traditional Azerbaijani sweets reflecting our national customs and traditions.

Addressing the audience with congratulatory remarks, Acting Rector of ASOIU, Associate Professor Vazeh Asgarov, extended his greetings and best wishes to the ASOIU community and students on the occasion of Novruz, our national holiday.

The Novruz celebration featured performances by ASOIU's "Ganjlik" song and dance ensemble, showcasing various dance numbers, as well as a festive greeting from ASOIU's Theater Club. Additionally, the participation of a renowned musician, along with student performances, and entertaining scenes featuring iconic characters of Novruz, such as Kosa and Kechel, enhanced the festive atmosphere.

The event concluded with the lighting of the holiday bonfire in the university courtyard.