News 27 Mar 2024
Representatives of ASOIU visited Belgium within the framework of the "WORK4CE" project

Representatives of ASOIU participated in a Pilot teaching Week organized for students by KU Leuven University in Belgium. Within the framework of the Erasmus+ CBHE "Cross-Domain Competences For Healthy And Safe Work In The 21st Century" - "WORK4CE" project, classes on "Developing Digital Business Ecosystems and Safe Workplaces" was organized.

During the pilot teaching week, the Director of the Digital Development and Innovation Center of ASOIU, Associate Professor Elviz Ismayilov, and the specialist of the International Cooperation Office, Chingiz Karayev, along with three students, attended.

Throughout the week, ASOIU staff participated in consortium meetings, exchanged ideas about the project, discussed responsibilities and future necessary steps with the participants. Elviz Ismayilov and Chingiz Karayev provided support to improve the students' ideas. During the five-day training week, ASOIU students collaborated with other international students to refine the project, presented their work to the judges, and completed group assignments with students from other universities.

In the end, one student from ASOIU ranked among the winners out of 18 student groups. All our students received certificates.

It should be noted that, besides Azerbaijan, the "WORK4CE" project, financed by the European Union, includes Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine as members.

The purpose of the project is to develop relevant opportunities for the successful joint production approach of lecturers, field experts, and professional association members, enabling the management of digital transformation.