News 07 May 2024
A lecture on "Green World Solidarity Year" was held at ASOIU

At Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), a lecture was delivered on the topic of "Sustainable Management of Water Resources" at the Department of Petrochemical Technology and Industrial Ecology within the "Green World Solidarity Year." The lecture, conducted by Associate Professor Khadija Javadova, was held for bachelor's level students specializing in "Environmental Engineering" in groups 365.21 and 367.21.

During the lecture, a presentation was given on the implementation of efforts to ensure the effective and sustainable management of water resources, emphasizing the significance of water resources in deploying and developing production capacities amid the ongoing growth across all sectors of our national economy. The lecture also covered the overall condition of water bodies such as rivers, reservoirs, and lakes in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, with discussions focusing on their reconstruction, design, restoration, and repair.

At the conclusion of the lecture, students' questions were addressed and answered.