News 28 Jun 2024
Student from Kazakhstan successfully completes internship at ASOIU

From June 17 to 28, Nurulina Assel Maratovna, a student from Satbayev University in Kazakhstan, completed an internship at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU).

Nurulina Assel, a first-year master's student at Satbayev University, undertook her initial internship at the Department of Instrumentation Engineering within the ITCF, aligning with her specialization. The department's teachers provided her with comprehensive information about the latest developments in scientific research, the teaching process, and the modern technology used in education.

Based on the Cooperation Memorandum signed between ASOIU and Satbayev University, Nurulina Assel also visited the Azerbaijan Metrology Institute, where she familiarized herself with the laboratories. Additionally, the student participated in the "AzMI Academy," a joint project between ASOIU and the Metrology Institute, and then continued her internship at the Azerbaijan Standardization Institute. At both laboratories, the staff provided detailed information and introduced her to the latest innovations. Successfully completing her internship, Nurulina Assel was awarded a certificate.