News 28 Jun 2024
ASOIU hosts "Brain Ring" Intellectual Competition dedicated to "Green World Solidarity Year"

On June 28, the Student Trade Union Committee (STUC) and the "Magnat" Intellectual Games Club organized a "Brain Ring" intellectual competition dedicated to the "Green World Solidarity Year" at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU).

The 17th "Brain Ring" championship saw participation from 7 faculties of ASOIU, including BA, ZU, and SABAH groups, as well as teams from Azerbaijani-French University, totalling 10 teams.

Namik Ganjayev, Chairman of STUC, highlighted the importance of intellectual games in effective organization of leisure time for students and praised the worldview and intellectual levels of ASOIU students, wishing success to all participants.

In a competitive showdown, the UFAZ team emerged as the competition's winners. ASOIU's BA group team secured the second place, while the team from the Information Technology and Control Faculty (ITCF) took third place.

In the end, the competition winners were awarded prizes and trophies.