News 01 Jul 2024
Warwick University Summer School students begin first classes

As part of the dual diploma program in "Renewable Energy" between Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) and the University of Warwick in England, 38 students left for England on June 30, 2024, to participate in the Summer School held at the University of Warwick in Coventry.

The students arrived safely in England and, after settling into their accommodations, began their first classes on July 1 according to the schedule set for the Summer School.

To ensure the safety and guidance of the students during their travels and participation in the training process, ASOIU staff members including the Acting Project Manager of the Dual Diploma Program, PhD Rafig Aliyev, the Acting Academic Coordinator of the Program, Leyla Hasanova, and the lecturer from the Oil Mechanical Faculty, Mahmud Ismayilov, have also accompanied the students to England.

During the 35-day Summer School, students will be taught "Energy Systems Integration" and "UK Renewable Energy Sector" modules by the international faculty of "WMG." Additionally, students will visit leading renewable energy sites in the UK, including solar panel fields and wind turbine zones, as well as relevant companies, to gain the latest insights into industry trends, new challenges, and future prospects.

The Summer School's curriculum also includes visits to historical monuments and museums, along with various cultural activities. Furthermore, a meeting between the dual diploma program students and the community of Azerbaijani students studying at the University of Warwick, both under the State Program and privately, is also planned during the Summer School.