News 19 Jan 2024
Round table dedicated to January 20 - National Mourning Day held at ASOIU

On January 19, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) held a round table dedicated to January 20 - National Mourning Day.

The event, attended by the university's professorial staff and students, commemorated the cherished memory of our martyrs.

Following the tribute, Professor Jamal Mustafayev, Head of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines, along with Professor Irada Nuriyeva and Associate Professor Yashar Ahmadov from the department, spoke about the realities and history of January 20. During their speeches, they highlighted the innocent lives lost to terrorism and the unsavory politics against Azerbaijan, along with the consequences of such actions. The challenging period in which National Leader Heydar Aliyev courageously conveyed our just voice to the world was also emphasized. It was noted that January 20 is not only a day of sorrow but also marks the beginning of National Unity.