News 30 Jan 2024
ASOIU's scientific journal indexed in zbMATH Open database

The "Baku Mathematical Journal," published by the General and Applied Mathematics Department of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), has been accepted for indexing in the zbMATH Open database: https://zbmath.org/serials/?q=2790-8410 https://www.bakumathj.org/index.php. The journal, first published in March 2022, received high ratings from mathematical databases, and its contributors are university scholars.

It is worth noting that zbMATH Open is one of the four most influential mathematical databases in the field of Mathematics and is an open, freely accessible database that provides comprehensive coverage of mathematical research. Developed by FIZ Karlsruhe and the European Mathematical Society (EMS), zbMATH Open serves as a valuable resource for researchers, scholars, and anyone interested in exploring a wide range of mathematical knowledge. With its extensive content, zbMATH Open plays a significant role in the dissemination and discovery of mathematical research worldwide.

Furthermore, over the past three years, the number of articles published on ASOIU in international databases has increased by 100%, reaching 383 references in 2023 compared to 193 references in 2020. Similarly, citations to scientific articles authored by ASOIU researchers increased from 1033 in 2020 to 1931 in 2023. Based on the analysis of scientific works indexed in the "Web of Science" international citation database from 2020 to 2023, ASOIU ranks second among national universities.