Geological Exploration

About the department

“Geology and development of mineral deposits” department was established on the basis of “Development of mineral deposits” and “Mineralogy, petrography and lithology” departments.  The department consists of 3 professors, 11 assisstent professors, 3 assisstants. Training laboratory of the department is led by G.Guliyeva and 6 chief laboratory assisstant work at the department.

         Training of specialists is carried out at Bachelor and Master degrees on 050506 “Mining engineering” and 050508 “Geology” specialties at the department. The department is led by c.t.s., Phd. R.T.İsmayilov. The department has ties with International Mining Operation Company of RV Investment LTD of USA, “Azinter explosion X” LTD, Moscow Mining University of RF, Ural Mining State University, Freiberg Technical University of Germany. 

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