News 04 Apr 2024
Seminar on "Exhibitions: Ideas, Collaboration, and Business Platforms" held at ASOIU

On April 4, a seminar titled "Exhibitions: Ideas, Collaboration, and Business Platforms" was conducted at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) by Bahruz Hidayatzada, the Executive Director at Caspian Event Organisers LLC.

During the seminar, a presentation was given on the role of trade exhibitions in economic development and business growth, emphasizing the significance of exhibitions in promoting economic progress. The session also discussed the importance of volunteer activities at exhibitions.

Bahruz Hidayatzada highlighted that exhibitions play a crucial role in facilitating job opportunities for students and graduates, allowing them to access real job vacancies and network with companies for career opportunities. He encouraged students to actively participate in exhibitions.

The interactive seminar concluded with a question-and-answer session addressing students' inquiries.