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About the department

At our university, the higher mathematics department was established in 1921. On the opening day (January 2, 1921) of the University (formerly the Institute), the first delivered lesson was a lecture on the course of higher mathematics. About 400 students attended the lecture of an engineer, Samedbek Vekilov. 

The first to lead the department was L.S. Leibenzon. At that time, 4 employees worked at the department. 

In 1923, N.N. Iowlev was appointed the head of the department. In 1926, the department was divided into two parts: the department of Analysis (A.S. Kovanko was appointed the head of the department) and the department of Geometry (professor N.N. Iowlev was appointed the head of the d epartment). In 1928, these departments were again united under the name “Higher Mathematics” (professor A.M. Amosov became the head o... read more